Having my Elizabeth May gown designed and created was like I had a friend by my side through the whole process. Julia not only made it simple & easy but she made it so much fun. Her enthusiasm is contagious and beautiful. When you walk into her home you are welcomed with the warmest embrace, followed by laughs & great conversation. After every fitting I’d leave with sore cheeks from smiling so much.

My mums wedding gown inspired me. She wore an elaborate lace gown with full length sleeves and a lace veil that started at the top of her head and flowed down past her cheeks. I wanted something that included the delicate lace detail that she had. Also the gowns from Julia’s honour collection shaped the gown I went with. I’ve been lucky enough to wear all of the Honour Collection gowns so I had a clear idea in my head.

Receiving such genuine joy and enthusiasm from Julia was my favourite part of the experience. This is her full time job, along with raising 2 children and keeping a home in order. But somehow she manages to give her all in every fitting we had together. I loved the process of piecing together my gown and seeing how shifting a bit here and there can change the shape of my silhouette.

Julia, thank you, thank you, thank you. For being there for me. For holding my hand through all of this. For creating a gown that made me feel like a goddess. For always oozing the most deliciously contagious vibes - you are just sunshine! I’m so grateful.


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Joanne Whyte