I was very indecisive about what I wanted and had tried on a number of dresses at bridal stores, and nothing was what I was after. I saw an article that Julia had commented on on Stuff and got in contact with her about designing my dress. I took the formal dress that I loved to her and she asked a lot of questions about what I would like. She drew up something that I loved the look of and then showed me the most beautiful fabric, and I finally felt like, this is my dress (even with it only being on paper).

Going from not knowing what I wanted, to being sold on a dress based on the conversation with Julia and seeing the fabric!

The other part that I loved, was how excited and passionate Julia was about creating my dress!

I absolutely loved my pink veil and after the ceremony, Brian told me that the dress was just what he imagined I would wear.

I also, still get so many compliments about my dress!

Screenshot 2018-07-19 12.36.22.png

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Joanne Whyte